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It's me !

As an experimented professional, I can intervene, for you and your business, in several activities such as web design, website creation, xhtml / html / css integration, webmastering, SEO / SEM, template creation or in web project leading.
For every single project I have been working for, I am already making W3C compliant web tasks and I'm used to work with usability and accessibility impositions.

As a freelance, I can do different services to create and develop your activity and your brand image.

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Who am I ?

My name is Nicolas PESTEL, it can certainly helps you to see why I have this logo... Before I start talking about myself, you can read something less boring, such as my achievements on the Web, or get the point by just looking at my skills

If you're still reading this, then you're more courageous than most, or maybe you're making some kind of investigation on me… Who knows ? Maybe you want to offer me some job ? Then go immediately to the contact page ! If not, I can still dream ! In any case, don't hesitate to consult my Web Achievements page and my skills page to learn about my achievements, because the following paragraphs are a breif overview of my life and may seem sophmoric (or interesting) !

IT impassioned since childhood, and net surfer since 1996, I attended all kinds of small “revolutions”.
First of all, in IT, with the appearance of increasingly more powerful machines and software which goes beyond the limits of what's possible: from command lines to graphic interfaces, from “manual” management (MS-DOS) to the “automated” management of modern operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS), etc.
As a Net surfer, I followed the evolution of Internet : from simple HTML pages to big websites with client/server artchitecture (PHP, SQL, etc.) and with graphic interfaces more and more sophisticated, from noncommercial Internet to the omnipresence of mercantile logic, etc. …

Curious about nature, it was thus obvious, for me, that I make my passions my trade. With the will to go always further in the innovation, I initiate myself with all the last techniques and technologies in order to work on projects increasingly more varied: Web sites, CD-ROM, illustrations, portable terminals…

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Note : Because we don't always have an Internet access, this website has a version available for consultation from a cellphone or a pda (french only).